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How much of what you write remains buried on your computer?

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I post most of what I write, unless I end up hating it, in which case I delete it.

See, I have trouble deleting things. Even if I don't like it. My brain goes, "Well, you might one day revise what you wrote and then like it enough to post it."

I've noticed lately that I seem incapable of posting what I write. I've written things and they remain in their pretty little word documents.

Yeah, I only delete things if I absolutely hate them, which really isn't often. Like, hate it as in I can't stand to look at it, and when I do, I want to puke or hurt myself for writing something so horrible.

I'm sure nothing is as bad as you think it is.

About 50%, I'd guess. And there's a lot on paper that never even made it to the computer too.

Do you notice changes in how much you post or is it pretty constant?

See, I have conflicting thoughts about recording things on paper. Paper is easier to discard, so it's simpler to throw out ideas that didn't work. But then what if one day I think of a way to make that idea actually work and then I wish I had the paper.

I go through phases myself. I used to write daily (sometimes a couple times daily) in a drabble comm. Then in the winter, I decided I didn't want to at all anymore. Then a couple months later, picked up again and now I write once or twice a week there. And do other things as well. Side projects, drabbles, start endless manuscripts that I can never finish, short story ideas, writing exercises, etc. Life of a writer, basically.

I tend to keep paper FOREVER. If eventually I think I want to throw it out, I will debate over it for a long time, and usually end up typing it up, or at least the idea, before I throw it out. Because I've thrown papers out and wished I had them again too.

Yep, that's definitely the life of a writer. It has its ups and downs.

Almost nothing I type doesn't get posted. But a LOT of stuff stays in my head ;P

There is always lots of stuff in the head. I guess we think more than we can ever write.

lmao, very little! see 10+ years of my shit on livejournal as evidence.

We're very opposite.

That said, I do like reading your entries; I'm just horrible at commenting.

I keep everything. I don't post much because I don't finish much. But I keep everything on computer (laptop and my old desktop) as well as everything handwritten under the sun.

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