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If a work of fiction has an introduction, do you read it? Or do you skip it and jump to the text?

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all depends on the subject.
Sometimes I read it after reading the story.

That makes sense, reading it after reading the story.

Totally depends. On the author, the length of the introduction, etc. There was one set of books (The Christ Clone Trilogy) that I am so thankful I read the introduction on. Because otherwise I would have tossed them in disgust before getting to the important stuff at the end.

I feel a similar way. Sometimes introductions can be very useless, and I will read them. But sometimes they're rather pointless; I find some of the introductions for the Penguin Modern Classics, for example, to be long and useless for certain authors.

I usually avoid the introduction because occasionally key elements of the story might be revealed and I prefer to remain as unspoiled as I possibly can be.

I know what you mean. Sometimes I feel like an introduction has the need to explain why the story matters and what it means, before the person reads the story. And that just spoils it. You'd never do that with a contemporary story.

What is this "read" thing you speak of? It is an action I am unfamiliar with.

And "text"? As in with a cell phone?

Woe, this post is so confusing.

Poor dear, all confused by the "alien" words in this post.

To help you, I have this helpful link that will inform you as to just what it means "to read": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reading_%28process%29.

I also have some videos for you that may help:

I can see you put a lot of effort into this reply...

That link had a bunch of weird symbols all over it. I wasn't sure what you wanted me to do with it.

The videos, however, oh those were certainly helpful.

Same-Sound Brown is one funky cat, I'll give him that.

I have bookmarked this entry just in case I ever need a refresher course on what reading is all about.

Re: I'm a very helpful person

I'm glad the videos were helpful. It's too bad about the article; it really could have been an useful tool. You may want to invest in some Dr. Seuss books if you want to further your reading.

Here is an unrelated, but fun, video:

Martians are never off topic.

That is probably true.

*I may need help.

You've just been waiting for an opportunity to post these, haven't you?

What gives you that impression?

I don't know. It's just, like, this feeling in my gut.

This feeling is also telling me that you are enjoying this. Quite a bit, actually.

Well, maybe just a little. But these things are classics. Classics!

Martians may always be on topic.

The Bananaphone? Not even I can work that into a conversation.

So. My hats off to you.

You clearly need to work on your repertoire so you that can work in the Bananaphone. It needs to be there. It's a classic!

And thank you my dear. *takes a bow*

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