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meme-y time
random {ice cream}
Snagged-y from libreck-y:

1. Respond with something random about you.
2. Tell you which color you remind me of.
3. Tell you my first memory of you.
4. Tell you what animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. Tell you my favorite thing about you.
7. Tell you my least favorite thing about you.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

So comment-y.

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Am I allowed to refuse the challenge?

It wouldn't be in the spirit of the meme.

But, I suppose, I could make an exception. After all, I have managed to convince you that u's are necessary in certain words.

Honestly, I've put the u's in words. Even that s to c thing, occasionally. It's only fair.

Well, if it's only fair. You know me and fair. We're two peas in a pod.

1. You were a very latecomer to Harry Potter.
2. Bright blue.
3. Gosh, I really don't remember. The first concrete memory I have is of that icon you wanted that I assisted with. That icon that really told me just how well we'd get along. (Cause we're both a little more than odd.)
4. A monkey.
5. What state are you from? (And if you've told me this, I apologize for forgetting. But usually I remember that kind of thing.)
6. That you send me random PMs.
7. That you won't admit the superiority of Canadian spelling.
8. I think we've covered this ;)

And to think, I cherished that memory of me randomly sending you a fic rec as our first meeting. It was going to be the story I would tell my grand children.

No, no. I'm fine. Really. Just give me a minute. I r heartbraked.

A monkey? Oh, God. I am never going to be tell my sister this (monkeys are a somewhat prevalent theme in our family.)

We've talked about the Canadian thing. I'm using the spellings, aren't I? (No, really, aren't I? Spell check only does so much.)

Oh, I remember that. That was when I had the fic reading group thingy and you PMed me to give me recs.

Poor dear. *hands tissue*

Cheer up, at least I had a story to remember you by! I apparently remember very little and have very few distinct memories of people. So you're luckier than most.

Yep, a monkey. You just seem very monkey-like. I guess it fits!

I'm so proud of you. You make this Canadian so very pleased. Keep up the good work!

1. I always love your wardrobe picspams.
2. Yellow. Because yellow is the happy, cheerful colour and you always strike me as being happy and cheerful.
3. Merlin Mock Ship War. Need I say more?
4. A bunny rabbit.
5. What TV show do you hate? (Since you always talk about the ones you love.)
6. You focus on the good things, not on the things you hate. I like that.
7. I suppose my least favourite thing is that we don't share any television shows in common anymore.
8. Please do!

1. Aw, thank you!
2. Again, thank you! That's so nice. :) And yellow is good.
3. Oh, man. We should have another one of those soon.
4. Whee! Can't think of an animal I'd rather be!
5. Hmm, I can't think of any I hate, although both SV and SPN do get on my nerves quite often. I find that if a show doesn't strike a chord with me within the first few episodes, I usually don't continue any further.
6. I try to be positive! :)
7. Aw, that really IS sad. Can I tempt you into watching some of my favourite shows? ;)
8. I think I will!

3. Mock battles are fun. Except I don't watch Merlin anymore. Well, I just never got around to watching season 2. I suppose I could watch it. Maybe. If it's any good; is it any good?
6. I've noticed. I like it!
7. Hmm, you could definitely try. Do you have any dramas you like that aren't supernatural in nature? I haven't been much into supernatural shows lately and I'm not a comedy person.

3. I didn't like it as much as the first, sadly. It's pretty good, though. It just sucks to be a Morgana fan.
7. Let's see. I watch FlashForward, which is not exactly supernatural. It's kind of scientific, I guess, but it has drama and mystery elements. I also started on The Mentalist recently, which is a CSI-like show, except less forensic science-y and more psychological-y. Everything else I watch is pretty heavy on supernatural, though. I'm a very sci-fi kinda person. ;)


1. The first thing that pops into my mind when I think of you is that you ship multi-Chloe pairings.
2. Green. A dark green.
3. I think it was having a conversation over a story. It's not very specific, I know.
4. Three-horned chameleon. (Because they change colour.)
5. I think it'd be what is your favourite ship of all time.
6. That you always seem positive and focused, in your posts, on your ships and whatnot.
7. I've got nothing. We should talk more!
8. Please do!

1. Yeah..I started out only shipping her with Clark but then I read fanfiction and saw season eight and was like WHOAA!
2. really, green? Hmmm.
4. wow chameleon *grins*..I haven't heard that one before. I've usually been considered a wolf, horse...it's cool that they change colors.
5. Umm I'm not sure I have a favorite ship of all time, I love too many. But I guess a few that really get to me would be Crixus/Naevia (spartacus: blood and sand), Chlark or Chlavis, and Puck/Rachel(Glee).
6. Aww thanks.
7. Hee...true, true.

Me!!! How are you??? I already posted this one in my LJ, hugs!!

1. My super-sweet friend.
2. Lavender.
3. I am apparently horrible at remembering first memories. You just seem to have been here for so long.
4. A puppy. One of those really adorable kind. Maybe a cocker spaniel.
5. Of all your fandoms, which one is your favourite?
6. I just adore how sweet you are. You're always giving out virtual hugs and always ask how others are doing.
7. Can't think of anything. Maybe that you're not around a lot. (Except that I know why that is, and I'm not even around that much either, so I really can't say anything.)
8. :)

On an unrelated note, have you watched the first episodes of the new season of The Tudors?

Oh you are also completely sweet boss :D, weird the color, that one is one I never use, 'm not sure if is even present in my life but I like it :), 3rd, I'll tell you in my own post ;), so I'm a puppy?? girl, you picked a nice raze, I like spaniels :D

You know.. I have so many fandoms I have no clue which one is my favorite, maybe LOTR, specially for reading, but there are so many!! SMV is the one I'm more active.. aha ;), but HP, SW, Batman, Dune, several anime series... so many stuff!!

Thanks :D, I like to know you think I'm sweet ;), and thanks for not knowing something bad about me, and yeah, being absent is a pain but it happens.

I haven't watch the new season of the Tudors, they lost me after they killed Anne Boleyn, she was my favorite character, and really, I have always disliked Henry VIII so why bother!!

Tons of hugs!! See you in my LJ ;)

You remind me of a very sweet puppy.

That is a lot of fandoms. When you say LOTR do you mean the books or the film series? Or are they combined in fandom?

Being absent so does happen.


I mean both :), I totally love the books, and the fanfiction and the movies :), weird fact, being from a non English speaking country I discovered the books when the movies came out, I had no clue of what they where talking about in the trailers or anything.

I bought the books like a month or something before the movie, together with the HP books, I saw the HP movie on Christmas even and read the 4 HP books in english I had that weekend, then I saw the LOTR movie on new years and read the books in 3 days :D, I read them first in Spanish, and then I bought the lotr trilogy on English, and read it again :), my brother now owns my Spanish LOTR books and I have 2 copies of the LOTR ones in english ;).


Oh, you know I can't resist a good meme :)

Who can? :)

1. Fellow Canadian! And thus one of the handful of Canadians on my flist.
2. White. I think maybe because of your layout.
3. lapocclina told me about you; that's my first memory. Rather indirect, I realize.
4. A bluebird.
5. Are you a hockey fan?
6. Your icons, and the way you seem to have endless XF recs.
7. That you don't post enough. That, and that I never got the list of XF stories you said you'd give me :( (Not that I'm hinting, oh no.)
8. You already did. I saw!

I am a hockey fan! I was a huge one back during the 1999-2003 years. Especially for the Leafs. But now that we suck and have sucked for ages, I enjoy watching the random game. The Olympics Hockey? Different story. I pretty much devoured it and watched every game.

Oh!!!! XF rec list!! I'll do it today since I'm home from work (sick sick sick)

I realize it may be too late to do this, but...

Pick me! Pick me!

1. The shippest person I ever did meet.
2. Red
3. You were reading my stories and leaving me comments on everything you read, and reading it all even though angst wasn't your favourite thing. And I remember having this conversation with you about angst and it's different types and the type that you liked and the type that you didn't like. And I was glad my angst was the type you liked.
4. Scully's dog. What type of dog was that? It was so cute and small and that's how I picture you.
5. Do you ever write fanfiction anymore?
6. Your obsession with football. Oh, and that you're my favourite person to converse with on IM.
7. Your obsession with football ;)

Scully had a dog? Why don't I remember this?!?

I haven't written in a while. Sigh.

:) :Huggles:

She had a dog for about two seconds. In season three. It got killed in that episode where Scully and Mulder get stranded really near the water edge and think they're out in the water. They talk, Scully compares Mulder to Ahab and his quest for the white whale.

Huggles back.

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